Friday, February 16, 2007

Longing for the Road

We've been here since November,7 and it is getting real old. The road is beckoning more than ever. But with the doctor appointments that Nancy and I have we will have to stay on and grit it out. This is a nice area that any normal person would enjoy but,no one ever said I was normal. I am happiest when I'm going down the road and seeing new scenery. The fulltime adventure gets in your blood. I know everyone is not this way. The people that are can understand what I'm talking about. The thought of whats over the next mountain or around the next curve,theres no other feeling like it. Nancy says to enjoy the time at hand and I will be on the road soon. Its not that I don't enjoy it here,which I do. Well each day is a new day so enjoy that you are alive.

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