Monday, February 19, 2007

Crews Lake Park

I looked on the internet this morning to see the Pasco County Parks and found this one that we had not visited before. So naturally we had to go check it out as we like to walk different trails in different parks. You never know what you might see.
For instance the many different shaped trees and the birds and other animals. For some reason we didn't see any squirrels in this park.
We came to the pier so we had to walk out to see what we might spot out there.
We were surprised when there was not much water in the lake. It looks as though at one time there had been a large lake here. Even though the water was low it was still nice looking out over the area.
Another nice place and another nice day walking. The sun was out nice and bright but,with the cool wind it was just right for walking in the woods.

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