Saturday, February 17, 2007

We always keep seeing this commercial about a nice big market on television so yesterday I looked it up on the computer as to where it was located. They have several in the area close to us. So we went to check it out. It was nice and clean but you know advertising on tv. It was nothing special. The prices were good on some things and above to average on other.Today I have to get a hair cut. It is long over due. Nancy doesn't like it went my hair starts curling up on the end.


This is the small barber shop where I get a hair cut. It is really a mom and pop shop. The mom is 85 years old and the pop is close to 90. The son which is 62 cuts the hair on week-ends.
On the way back from the barber shop here is 2 adobe type houses. The houses in Florida are painted all kinds of color. For some reason the colors are not out of place. Its just something you expect to see down here.

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