Thursday, January 04, 2007

RV Park

The park is slowly filling up as more people are coming in. They have been north spending the holidays with their families,now they are redy to enjoy the warmth of Florida. It is now 75* and should get to near 80 according to the weather man. We got almost 5 miles of walking yesterday.
We went to the Verizon phone store to get a new phone. Which was free because,we are on the new every 2 years so why not a new phone. I asked them if they would transfer the numbers in the phone book to the new phone. He said yes but they now charge $10.00 for doing it. I told him never mind. I did it when I got home,it took about 20 minutes. At that rate I was making $30.00 an hour,not bad. I was going to pay the home phone there but they only take the wireless payment at this store. So we had to got to the Verizon Plus Store in the mall to pay it. After this to WalMart to buy groceries,the outdoor produce market to buy fresh produce,a stop in Walgreens Drug for Nancy.
So another full day of doing what people do that live in a house on a foundation.

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