Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It did cold again last night,but not as cold as was expected. At least not in our area.
Yesterday it was cool all day long and Nancy decided she didn't want to do the washing so now that is what we will do today. We did most of our walking in the mall and then a little more after we got home.
I went to the tax place to get my Florida drivers license changed because I had a change of address. This is what they call a snowbird Florida license. This way you can keep your home state drivers license also. You may asked why I would want the Florida license?
With this I can get in the State Park Campgrounds for 1/2 price and some attractions around the state just like the residents of Florida. I didn't know about this until a few years ago when I was talking to a guy from Michigan. He asked if I had the Florida winter resident license. Then he explained how it worked.

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