Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another week has rolled around. Here it is Saturday again.Earl and Lena are coming over today with their friends and we are going to the flea market. You have to go to the flea market every once in awhile to pick up some of those things that you just can't live without.Its been awhile since I've posted pictures and I know people like to see journals with plenty of pics. I will try to get some and put on later today.Don't forget today is college basketball game day. If you like those games I hope your team wins.

At the flea market looking around, Need a good deal on a real leather wallet.

Ok we've walked all around the outside walls. Do you want to go in and out the aisles now or what? Lena says I'm hungry lets go eat. 3:00pm

So off to eat we go. Here we are at the Perkins Restuarant enjoying a meal and some conversation. It was a good meal to eat and chat with great friends. A good day today.

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