Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cabbage Rolls

This the game watching day. It is a little different though. Today I will be eating cabbage rolls while I watch the games. We were just going to fix a few but,by the time we finished we had a pot full. Oh well I guess I can suffer though eating them. We decided to fix them last night instead of waiting and fixing tem New Years Eve. Besides being New Years Eve tomorrow it is Nancy and my 50th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go. It has really gone fast the last 7 years since we became full time rv'ers. We have enjoyed our time being on the road in our motorhome.

Oh,I almost forgot. My daughter(Sherry)and I got a webcam. We use it with Yahoo messenger. This is a lot of fun being able to talk or chat and watch each other on the computer.
All this tech stuff amazes me,always has and I guess always will.

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