Saturday, December 30, 2006

It is a nice day the temperature is already 71* We are getting ready to walk as we do everyday.
Today we are going to the USA Flea Market to bum around a little.

Back from the walk. We did 3.8 miles so that was pretty good. Now we have to take a shower and get out and see what we can get into. Its sch a nice sun shiny day.


We got to the flea market to look around. Here Nancy is looking at some purses. She looked but she didn't buy anything. I bought a small chuck for my small dremel like grinder.

Neither one of us were to hungry so we stopped at the McDonalds for a chicken sandwich.

After we got home and walked a little more. We then fixed up a pot full of cabbage rolls. They are cooking on the stove now.

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