Thursday, October 18, 2018

On the road again

Cushman RV Repair got the new in tank fuel into the shop by 10:30 Tuesday morning.
Then it was installed, the fuel put back in, all the paper work with the tow truck company and Cushman finished and We were on our way by 1:30 pm.

The Tow Truck Company (Reeves Wrecker Service) owner Tommy gave me a break on the cost because I didn't have any insurance or tow service policy.

Also I was satisfied on the cost of the repair from Cushman RV Repair which I thought was going to be more than they charged me.

So now we are here at the Lake Sinclair Campground in the  Oconee National Forest for a few days trying to unwind from the hectic week we have had.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Its the fuel Pump

Well the large tow truck came yesterday as promised.  After backing the tow truck up to the front of the motor home and raising the front of the motor home the driver (Rusty) had to crawl under it to disconnect the drive shaft.
It didn't take very long before he was on the way with Nancy and me following in the car.  It wasn't a very good feeling to see our home moving down the road like this.

After getting to the repair shop we waited a short time to see if they needed any information.
They would start on finding the problem after they finished up on another job they were working on.

So Nancy and I took off to the Cracker Barrel to get us a late breakfast with us taking our time eating and enjoying it knowing we had no need rushing.
After our meal we went to the Dollar Tree for a few thing that we needed.
From there it was to Walmart to do some shopping and more or less just to idle our time away.

After getting to the repair shop and our motor home I saw this buckets and buckets of gasoline so with the service manger (Jeff) telling me what I suspected that the fuel pump in the tank was reason for the motor home not starting.  He was waiting for the technician to remove the pump from the tank so he could get the numbers off it to order a new one.

We spent the night in the motor home where it sits hooked up to 50 amp so that was the nice part of it that we can be here as long as it takes to repair and not have the expense of a motel.
We it will not be more that a few days.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

No big wind for us

Our site in Petersburg Campground fifteen miles north of Augusta, Georgia.
We were suppose to have 50 mph wind Thursday night but it didn't happen.  In fact what wind we had did not even move the motor home at all.

The wind coming across Thurmond Lake Friday did produce some white cap waves and no boaters on the lake for the day.

Our electric power went out at 2:00 am Friday morning and stayed off until late that evening due to the fact of a tree falling across the power line coming into the park.

It snapped a couple of power lines located one half a mile from the park.

Today is a different story with the campground full of campers and boaters on the lake.

I put a new fuel filter on the motor home thinking maybe that might be the problem but no luck with it starting.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

More catching up

We left the Walmart in Clayton, Georgia after picking up our prescription medicine from the Walgreen Pharmacy.

The next stop was Parsons Mountain Lake Campground.  I think it was back in June when we stayed here going north.  We really like this place with around 28 sites and we usually are the only ones here,  The other thing is the price of $3.50 a night using the Golden Age Passport and that is with water, flush toilet and showers.  Now that is a price hard to beat.

Yesterday we arrived and are here at the St. Petersburg COE Campground.

As usual another Problem.
I'm in a site and will be here until Monday when I will be pulled out with a tow truck.
The motor home died out before I got all the way back in the site and would not start.  I think it might be the fuel pump that is in the gas tank.

We are connected to the electric and have water so that is better than this happening on the side of the road.
We are going to enjoy our time here so if we can do that with our problems surely you can------

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, October 04, 2018

Left Douglas Lake

We left Douglas Headwaters Campground Sunday but not to quick.  When I got in the car to start it to connect to the motor home.  I had one of those "oh no again" moments because the battery was dead.  Cherisa and Haven came over to see us leave and she gave me a jump start so I went into town and bought a new battery.  It seems as though my luck is still holding up.

We did get under way and soon going through crowded Gatlingburg.

Would you look at this, there's a Margaritaville in Gatlinburg.
There were a lot of hikers hitting the trails.  They were parked in several places along the road all the way up the Great Smoky Mountains.

We were parked in our spot in The Cherokee National Forest at the Elkmont Campround.
We stayed for four days and left just after noon today.  But not before we stopped in Cherokee to visit a laundromat to do our laundry.

We saw some elk including this old big buck.  Look at that rack that he was proudly showing off.

We are parked at the Walmart in Clayton, Georgia for the night.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

More repairs

The old rig has to be getting into shape with all the repairs being done on this trip.
Since last reported I put on a new sewer valve because the old one was beginning to stick.  So I thought that I might as well do it here where I could empty the black tank and rinse it good instead of maybe not being able to empty it because the valve would be stuck tight.
I tried lubricating it but it did not help it.

Yesterday Nancy did the washing on our small washer/spin dryer.  This small machine fits in the shower where she can run and empty the water she uses.  The spin dryer spins so fast it almost dries the clothes.  After Nancy was through I took the clothes to the laundromat to dry them completely.
This small machine has saved us time doing the laundry and has already paid for its self.  It only takes around 3 or 4 gallons of water to do 13 pounds of laundry.

We have had a couple of days of almost constant rain and it is suppose to rain all day today.
So it looks like a stay inside day today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.     

Monday, September 24, 2018

Meeting up

Saturday our grandson and his mom(Haven & Cherisa) came out to visit us. They both work so the weekend is the only time we have of meeting up with them for a visit.

Haven has grown up to be a nice tall looking young man.  Its hard to believe that it doesn't seem that long ago that Nancy was bouncing him up and down on her knees.

After getting caught up on what we were doing in the last year since we saw them, wedecided go out to have something to eat.
We went o Mel's Diner to eat where the conversation never stopped even while eating.
Then getting back home the visit continued until Cherisa and Haven said their goodbyes and that we would see one another again the next day.

Yesterday was an agreed upon picnic with Cherisa bringing a bucket of chicken with all the sides for our four person picnic.

We went to the overlook of the lake and campground for the picnic.  A nice place with a view of the lake.

A couple of wild turkeys roaming around.

 We stayed a couple of hours or maybe more with time not a factor but with an incoming rain we thought it best to end this part of the day.
We came back home where the talking never slowed down, until we all became sleepy, so Cherisa and Haven decided to call it a day.

Nancy and I had a good time visiting them the last two days and we will see them again before we leave.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.