Saturday, August 17, 2019

Hanging around

Nothing exciting is happening around here, just normal living.

We went shopping Thursday with Jackie, but first was it was to a Mexican Restaurant to eat.
Here is the Chimichanga I had with beef and rice with refried beans as the sides.
I only ate more than half of it, because I've had a stomach problem for the last few days.

From the restaurant I let Nancy and Jackie off at Walmart while I went to the Dollar Tree to see what they had.  I bought a few first aid items like band-aids. gauze and "ouch-less" tape.

I was back at Walmart where Nancy and Jackie were finished in a short time.

  Nancy was needing a her hair cut so letting her out at the Great Clips I parked the car while Jacie and I waited there for Nancy.   She was finished with her hair cut in about 15 minutes.

So the next stop was at Kroger where Jackie and I went in for a few more groceries.  By that time Nancy stayed in the car because she was getting very tired.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New radiator fan installed.

Yesterday was a little busy for me .

The weather was just right with the temps in the low 80's and a cloud cover, so no sunshine.
it was time to start on putting in the new radiator fan on the 2004 cavalier.

                                                         Out with the old.

It didn't take so much time to take the old fan loose, but then when it came to getting it out came the work part.  I'm telling you it was a tight fit with hoses, wiring, I even had to take the air cleaning housing off.

                                                                In with the new.

The new one went in the same way.   All of this had to come out and in from the bottom very carefully because of the radiator fins were so close. 

Once in and starting the engine up it was cooling good on no time at all.

So now I can just wonder what will be next.  And there will be a next, not if but when is the question.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Something else to work on

Still doing more of the usual things that a person would do around the house.

Nancy did a few loads of the laundry over at Jackie's.

I cut up some more old useless lumber and burned it in the burn container.

Here is a photo of Cave Run Lake in the Daniel Boone National Forester that is a short distance from Jackie's house. 
I crossed the bridge on my way to Morehead to pick up Nancy's prescription  from Rite-Aid Pharmacy.

Here is a photo of a quaint little valley with a homestead that I just love looking at along the road way.  I just looks so peaceful looking down the valley and the house that is there. 
Just imagine sitting out on the front porch after supper in a rocking chair looking out and seeing a deer out in the evening. Or maybe some of the other wild animals that are in the woods around here.

Tomorrow I will be busy changing my radiator fan on the car that has not been working for the passed few weeks.  I checked all the fuses and relays, so it must be the fan.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

New windshield drapes

Sunday was a day of relaxing for us.
Jackie went to Sunday School and  church as she does each Sunday.
I also went but Nancy stayed home because in order for her to go she would have had to start getting ready real early with the problems she has.

After returning back home Nancy, Jackie and I went out for dinner.  Christine (Jackie's daughter) was wanting us to come to the restaurant where she works, so Nancy and I could see the place.

After a nice meal with good prices we then went to see Christine's house that she  bought since we were here last year.  It is a nice large house with a big space of land.
We had a nice relaxing day.

Through out the week I did a few things, like put up new windshield drapes.  These are 42" wide black-out drapes that I bought and are hung up side ways to make the windshield drapes.
As you can see the sun is shinning but, it does cut down on the heat in front of the motor home.

I cut up some of the old lumber laying around and burned it in Jacjie's burn barrel.
Yes I said "burned it"  which you can do that here in the country.  You do have to wait
 until 6:00 pm to do your burning.

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Friday, August 02, 2019

In Kentucky

Wow its the weekend already.

Tuesday, after leaving Beech Fork State Park I stopped in Barboursville to fill up the motor home with gas.
After filing the tank full it was time to head on down the road to our next stop.
On down the road was getting on I-64 for the short trip to Morehead, Kentucky before we pulled off the interstate highway.  Then it was a couple of county routes to Jackie's house to spend some time with her. 
Jackie does not drive so Nancy, Jackie and myself spend the day out with lunch first(thank you Jackie).
After lunch it was a drive to Walmart from Walmart the next stop was Kroger for more groceries before coming back home.

When I say home it does feel like home here with Jackie as our neighbor, like with all of our family stops.  

Thaks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Family Reunion has ended

Yes another year is over for the family get together.  We all enjoyed each others company and got to catch up on what has happened in each of our lives.

Of course there's the internet where we can chat to find out those things.   But its not the same as being close to each other that counts the most.

Everyone else is gone back home except Nancy and I we had reservations for an extra day, we are thinking about staying a few more days. 

It is a very nice state park with the lake and wildlife around.

We have a full hookup site that looks like it is close to the lake.  But there is a road between us and the lake.  Also it is in the back waters of the lake, still a nice spot.

 Our front view of the campground.

And the back view, the bridge over the lake of the through road.

Today will be a laundry for us while we have the chance of the park laundry room with the good rates on the washers and dryers.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Saturday's Hamburger and Hot Dog's

Yesterday was the start of the Family Reunion with an afternoon of Hamburger's.

Of course we had hot dog's also which is everyone's favorite with the home made chili.

The Mitchell sister's of the Mitchell Family Reunion.
From front to back is Nancy, Jackie and Peach (Fern).
Everyone was having a good time but I think these two little one's were enjoying it the most with the hot temperature that we had.

When it came time to eat everyone jumped in for their food.

Looks like everyone enjoyed the food and we had plenty of it.
We enjoyed our time together, but was a little disappointed that we only had half the number we usually have. 
One member of the family was Tyler he was there (via video chat) from Germany, stationed with the Air Force.
Tyler wanted to see and talk to each of us that was there at the Family Reunion.
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