Thursday, February 14, 2019

Laundry today

Wow, would you believe that I went shopping yesterday for some groceries and things that we needed. 
I ended up lining out five different stores because I'm a bargain shopper and try to save a little by doing this.

So it was another no working on the house project, but life has to go on with other things getting in the way.
Like today will be the laundry.  As a matter of fact that last night Nancy said if she felt like it she would do the washing in our small washer/spin dryer here in the house.  After she does a couple of loads I will take it down to the laundromat here in the park to dry.
The laundromat is so close that I carry the clothes down to dry then I can come home for an hour. Then walk back down get the dried clothes and  bring them back home.

I'm glad to report that Nancy says she is feeling some what better even though she still has that nagging cough.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Cooking nd working.

I had a couple of stores where I had some shopping to do.
I have them lined up to go where the best prices are.  The first place was Dollar General for a couple of items that we needed.

As I came out of the Dollar General I saw across the road that this copter was just landing.
I was amazed at how well the pilot had set the copter down.  He only had around a foot on each side of the runners setting down on the elevated pad.
Of course I think most of the copter pilot's  are trained in the armed service.

The next stop was Winn Dixie to get a few things to prepare  Nancy and I our meal for the day.
With her not being able to stay up for any length of time I am pulling double duty.

The remodeling is running extra slow at this time.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Chicken Soup

I had to take Nancy back to MedExpress yesterday because she wasn't doing any better.
The ARNP checked her then checked her chart.  When he came back he with her prescriptions for cough syrup, nebulizer  and an inhaler.
I went out today and gathered everything up that she needed.

I also did some grocery shopping to get all I needed to make her some chicken soup.
After all isn't home made chicken soup is good for what ails a person.

It was a very nice day with the temperature in the 80's and is suppose to be for the rest of the week.

I even got myself a chance to get a haircut.  I told the barber that with the hair being cut it felt like someone had left the door open.

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Sunday, February 03, 2019

I had to take Nancy to a Med-Care Clinic because she has been coughing and sneezing with a wheezing in her chest.
We went to the Med-Care Clinic because we thought it would be Quick getting into see the doctor. Well that was not the case, it took a total of three hours being there.
Thee doctor told her she had a touch of   Bronchitis he gave her an injection and subscriptions for three different types of medication and told her if she was not better in three days to come back.
The doctor didn't want it to end up being  pneumonia.

I watched some college basketball games yesterday.

Today I will be watch another millions of people will be doing and that is watching the Super Bowl.

It will be Tuesday before I can get back to work on the house because tomorrow Nancy has to go in to her  Nephrologist to be fitted up with a blood monitor to wear for 24 hours.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Some vinyl planks down.

The temperatures have sure been mighty low for us this season.  The cold weather has hung on the longest this year than it has ever.  That is the most talked about subject here in Florida.
We have had long stretches of  50's in the day time  and 40's-30's night time.

I have been busy, or should I say enjoying watching college basketball games.  An old fella has to take breaks from working, doesn't he.

But I'm still working on the floors and walls.

This is the slide out with the new Allure vinyl planks installed.  I hope it will not be very long until the rest of the floor will be covered.
The planks are really very good to work with and looks good when put down.  You just have to make sure you start out getting a nice straight line .

It is taking longer than I thought it would because I have to move things around and put them back as many as four or more times.

Upon taking up the old carpet from around the bed that's in the slide out I discovered it has been leaking and will need to put new flooring in.

I don't think they build unit's with the slide out that doesn't leak when it rains.
I know some of you are saying "my slide out does not leak.   Just wait long enough it will.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Doctors and games

Wow, it seems like a lot of people are thinking that the teams that won in the NFL playoff games were the wrong ones.  I watched both games and as usual the officiating crew did blow a few calls.

Well anyway life must go on.

Nancy did finally saw her Nephrologist  and the report on her blood work was not what she wanted to hear. Her numbers had fallen from the last time and also her doctor didn't like the swelling with the fluid.  So she told Nancy to take the fluid pills every day up from every other day.

About a week ago I ordered a HD King Jack from Amazon to replace the old house top antenna.
The Jack antenna attaches were the old one comes off so I can raise and lower it.
Like advertised it does pick up more channels and we are satisfied with it.

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Last few days

Nancy had her blood drawn on Wednesday, so we thought we would just go ahead and have our early supper out
She asked where I would like to eat, so I said I haven't had Chinese food for a while.  With that choice we were off to Royal Buffet, no luck there since they were still closed for remodeling.

The next one we thought of was a little restaurant we would try place and it was on the way back home.
Well we struck out again because when got there it was closed because they only stay open until three o'clock. (strike two)
I said to Nancy I know of another place I have been wanting to go to.
Well when we got there was a sign on the door the said   "Closed today"  (strike three).
With that we ended up going back home to eat.

Friday evening Nancy got a call from her nephrologist that she would have to be at the LabCorp office to have her blood drawn again.
It seem like someone along the line had not got all the information on the previous blood that was needed.
It was back to LabCorp again yesterday to have her blood drawn again which was no fun for Nancy.

But I did get to watch my college basketball games yesterday so the whole day was not lost.

How was your last few days?

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