Monday, December 11, 2017

Basketball and Eating

Wow was Saturday a good day to watch the College Basketball games with a few upset games it indeed was. I really enjoyed it since three of the games went the way I wanted them to go.

We had our soup day with the  broccoli soup and a sandwich that tasted good for a cool day.

Sunday was a much colder day the temperature starting out at 35*.

I bought us an Instant Pot Cooker and that yesterday was a good day to try it out to see how it would do making cabbage rolls.
I looked at recipes on line and wondering why they all suggested cooking the rice before adding it to the meat. So I added rice to the meat, then rolled it into the steamed cabbage to put in the Instant Pot. Then I added the water and tomato juice to cover all this. Next was to set the timer to 25 minutes.
After the timer went off we waited 5 minutes to take the cabbage rolls out to eat.
I have to say the rice and the meat did all cook together and really tasted good.

Now that sure beats cooking it on the stove top for 4 hours.

Sorry but I was so intent on eating that I forgot to take pictures.

I thought it was cold yesterday morning at 35*.   Well I'm here to tell you I couldn't  believe the temperature when I saw 29*, now that is not suppose to be a Florida temperature.
We come down here in Florida for the winter to stay warm.

Anyway the temperature is going to reach 65* according to the weather report.

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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Friends Visiting

Yesterday our friends from West Virginia, but now live in Kentucky came for a visit.  It sure was good to see Carolyn and Sam again and catch up on the news they had about what has happened back in the old area.  After a time we decided it was time to eat we all agreed to go to Steak and Shake to eat.  Carolyn, Sam and I had the double cheese burger while Nancy had a grilled chicken.  We all said it was good and we were full and satisfied.
After coming back home Carolyn and Sam said they had to go home.  Thanks guys for a nice evening.

It really came a thunder and lightning storm last night and shortly after a heavy rain.  The wind blew hard all night long and this morning the temperature has dropped to 52*.
This looks like a stay inside soup day.  That suits me because it is Saturday which means College Basketball Game Day.

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

                                      National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

I was watching one of the networks on television this morning for about an hour and could not believe that there was no mention of  Pearl Harbor Day.

Have we come  so far that we want to forget this day like we have so many days and things in our country of the USA.  If we have shame on us.
Too many lives were lost at this time in our history to forget about it.

We must remember so this will not happen again.  God Bless America
Yesterday I was on the roof of the motorhome putting on a new refrigerator vent base and cover.
I had not noticed somewhere along the line this summer I had knocked it off.
I think maybe it was going through one of the towns along the way where the utility poles lean out from the sidewalk and into the road way.

After that was finished it was off to get us a "Hot and Ready " pizza from Little Caesar's.
Of course a stop at Save A Lot and Dollar Tree for a few items.

With the larger New Residential Refrigerator we can buy more meats and frozen items.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Fresh Produce

Yesterday was another run around day.
First I wanted to go back to the roadside market to check to see if they had tomatoes at a better price than what it was a few weeks ago.  The price on the tomatoes were $1.49 a pound because of Hurricane Irma destroying the local crop and they had to get them from the local warehouse. which had to get them from California and other places. The market had up signs apoligizing for the high prices but they would have local produce in a few weeks.

I saw their new sign as I was approaching the market and you can imagine how glad I was to see this.
They had local grown tomatoes.

Man did they have tomatoes and I got quite a few of them at the price of $.79 a pound.
Guess what I did as soon as I got home with them?  Yeah you guessed it, I washed one off, put a little salt on it and ate it.  Oh, it was so good tasting the fresh garden tomato!

I also bought some local grown cumbers at the price of 5 for $1.00.
Its so good to be back where the produce is at a price that one can afford.

I stopped at a few more places before I came back home.

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Monday, December 04, 2017

Weekend again

Saturday was as usual  as the Saturdays go this time of year.

But this day I got my "Big Saturday Breakfast" which I haven't had in a couple of Saturdays.  This was because I was busy with the residential refrigerator installation and a few other projects.
The two fried eggs that after cutting up and mixed with the onions and colored mini peppers sure taste good.  Along with bacon, hash brown potatoes, biscuit and a cup of coffee start the day of good.

As I was going to the store this bus was pulling into the Show Palace Dinner Theater.
Besides the schedule of shows they have, they also have company seminars.

After getting back from the store I settled in for the good college football and basketball games.
Some of the football games again  did not go the way the were supposed to go.
Yesterday I was going to get online with the Mobley Hot spot but first thinking if I would disconnect it and plug it back in I would get a better signal.  I have done this before and it has worked. The Mobley gets the power from the OBD connection of the motorhome. Only this time the power light just flashed on and off.  So I checked my batteries and found the chassis battery was not charging.
After cleaning all the terminal connections, tightening all back together everything was working as it should.
After a few more small everyday chores and checking of things it was time to relax.

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Friday, December 01, 2017

Two Haircuts

Yesterday I went to the barbershop to get my hair cut.
After getting back I messed around for a time waiting  on Nancy to get ready so she could  get her hair cut.
I took her to Spring Hill to the Great Clips for her to get her hair cut.
After she was finished we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  We both ordered off the Breakfast Menu.

From there it was to Rural King to get me some of their potato chips and while there they had a sale on Tortilla Chips at $2.00 for a 3 lb, box.  Nancy can't eat potato chips and I bought Tortilla Chips for her, so with a sale like that I knew I could not pass it up.
I also bought a pack of AAA Batteries along with a box of candy, although I will help her eat some of it.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Using the Residentia Refrigerator

Yesterday I went to the stores yes stores, five stores to be exact.  I wanted to get the sales of what the different stores had and since we have the new residential refrigerator I was wanted to load it up.
It sure does seen a lot larger and it goes way back in depth.

So last night I wanted to see how it would work using the 2000W pure sine wave inverter measuring it with the Kill A Watt connected.
I was really surprised me this morning when checking the power consumption.
In 7 and a half hours it used  .12 kwh which was hardly any drainage on the batteries.

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