Thursday, February 27, 2020

Rain and more rain

Tuesday after Nancy took the sheets, pillow cases and the quilt off of the bed, I took them down to the laundry room to wash and dry all of it.

The weather has turn rather cool this week, so staying inside more.
It started raining early yesterday morning and did not stop until late last night. Not only raining but the wind was also blowing and at times it shook the motor home.

When the rain stopped to a drizzle yesterday it gave me a chance to hurry and take the trash to the dumpster. 
While I was down there I thought I would also hurry in the club house to pay our site rent and also get the mail.
Well just let me tell you one thing here, "old people should not be in a hurry".
Like I said it had been raining and water all over the place.  So when my feet hit the sidewalk (which is painted) going into the club house, my feet went up in the air and I landed on my backside.
I got up, much slower than I went down.  I didn't think I broke anything, so all was good.
That was until later in the evening my hip bone started getting sore.  And this morning really sore and swollen.

This morning the old guy is now moving more slow than usual.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

The eyes have it

Its been kind of a usual week for Nancy and I.

We did get out eyes checked out and the results were that Nancy has to have a change in her prescriptions for new glasses.
The result of my test shows I will have cataract surgery on both eyes.  This was what I had expected, I just wanted to make sure.

Nancy had her cataract  surgery last year, so me being a year older it was no surprise for me.
So its going to depend on how everything goes with my eyes as to when we will be leaving Florida for our summer trip.

Our Fantastic fan that I installed five years ago has been a little lazy by running good and at times just slowing down. Everything that I've checked out didn't seem to be the problem, so I ordered a new fan and motor  assembly  Thursday from Amazon that came in yesterday.
This can be changed from the inside and takes 20--30 minutes to do.

Yesterday Nancy and I went to Niko's to have dinner with our friends Carolyn and Sam.
They are from our stomping grounds back in West Virginia and we have known them for longer then we can remember.
Carolyn, Sam and myself had the Friday night "Special Fish Friday".   Nancy on the other had a Greek meal. 
The meals were good and the getting  together and having conversation even better.

Well to day is Saturday.  Guess what I will be doing?-----If you guessed watching college basketball you are right, because You have been reading my blog.  For doing that I thank you very much for following my dull blog.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Our weather has been back and forth lately, being on the warm side then changing to cool.
I think we are having warm weather more often than we were last season and at least it is much better than what most people are enjoying with the cold and storms.

I have really been enjoying my basketball games and enjoying my retirement.

I've been to the Flowers Bakery Outlet to buy our bread a couple of times this week.
They have fresh breads just like you buy in the stores at a much better price,
Fresh bread that cost $2.69 in the store the outlet sells at .99 .
The hamburger buns I get for .79 a package and the bakery outlet is only 1/2 mile from where we are staying.

I also went to the roadside market to get us some produce at good prices

The price on produce better than the local stores.
tomatoes-$1.29 a pound, store price $1.99
cucumbers-2 for $1.00, store price .86 each
large green peppers-3 for $1.00,  store price smaller peppers .76 each
bananas .37 a pound,   store price .69 a pound.
And all the produce at a discount a lot of it is grown in Florida.

Nancy and I have an appointment to get our eyes checked this week and that is the only thing for right now.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Just piddling around

This sitting around sure is rough. 
But I have been going to the store for our groceries and some other things that we have needed.

Every week or so I have to go to Publix to buy me some Hungarian Hot Peppers, because they are the only store that has them in stock.
Nancy has asked me why I don't buy enough so I don't have to go get them so often.
My answer is why buy so much that they would get old?  Instead let Publix keep a fresh supply for me.

Of course I need to do the laundry on schedule or close to schedule.  Nancy says she will go with me to help but I don't want her to do any more than is necessary, because she has a hard time getting around.

We have had no doctor's appointments in a while unlike last season, what seemed like we had appointments every week. 

The photo above was taken last week when the wind was blowing for most of the week.
The wind has settled down and now our day time temperatures are back in the 80's.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

A day in the park

Monday was one of the nicest days we have had in quite sometime.  The sun was shinning but not hot with the temperature in the middle seventies.
Nancy felt a little better, so I asked her if she felt good enough to go to the park to walk.
She said she did which surprised me.
So we got ready and went to the John Chesnut Park to do our walking.


Nancy and I have not been to this park in a couple of years and noticed the bridge over the water was added during that time.
We also noticed the Azalea were in bloom.

I just couldn't pass up getting a close up of the blooms.  Just think it is still in the winter season.

After a stop at the rest rooms we were on our way to walk.

Before getting on the boardwalk I read the signage of what we might see and also what is not permitted on the walkway.

We also noticed that the boardwalk was renewed and also elevated three foot and fenced so small children would not fall off.

The only animals we saw were squirrels. I did hear a couple of owls talking back and forth.

One of the bridges that they have to cross the water.

This is Tarpon Lake and why we enjoy walking here, because most of the time there is a cool breeze coming off the lake.

Going back home we saw this osprey nest and the osprey in the nest looking around.

It was getting passed our supper time so we stopped at Caposey's to have something to eat.
We both had the special, oven roasted chicken white meat with rice and coleslaw.

After eating it was time to head home after a very good day.
Nancy walked more then I thought she would.  I did walk a little more than she did.

Nancy could feel she over did it with her walking by, the way she was moving slow yesterday and today. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Sunday, February 02, 2020

Just hanging in there.

The last few day have been about the same as the week before with me going to the usual stores.
Winn Dixie, Publix, Walmart, Save A Lot and I did get to the Dollar Tree.

I usually go to the Dollar Tree to buy our milk.  Even though we are not traveling we still buy milk at the Dollar Tree because the milk is in quart cartons and has a shelf live up to a year. You don't have to put it in the refrigerator until it has been opened.
Nancy is not suppose to drink milk because of her failing kidneys and on the other hand I don't drink a lot of milk because I've had a lot of kidney stones.

Saturday has been my time for watching the college basketball games.
I my take in the Super Bowl today if nothing else comes up.

It looks like the sun is going to shine today after three days of being cool, damp and cloudy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.