Monday, November 04, 2019

Always something to pay for.

Where did the week go?

The weather has been really cool for the past week and cool here is like the winter time when we are in Florida.

The night time temperatures this past week have been in the 40's.

In order to stay for two weeks here we have had three different sites.  First was site #50 then this past week we made the move to site #54.  Then yesterday it was to the site we are on now site #49 until its time to leave the Petersburg Campground.

Nancy and I have different television to watch.  She has one that is in the bedroom where she can get comfortable in bed to watch, while the one I watch is in the front portion of the motorhome.
So Friday night when she turned her tv on it had sound, but no picture.  We tried everything we could by pushing the buttons on the remote but no luck.

So Saturday it was a trip to Walmart to get her a new tv.  The one that went blank was around four years old so I think it was about time and they don't repair them any more to be cost effect to have them repaired.
The old one was a 29 inch that cost $129.00 on sale.  The new I bought was a 32 inch at the price of
$99.00.  Nancy was satisfied with the larger screen and also the remote that was much more easy to see and read.

The refrigerator was well stocked when we arrived so we have not been to the store but we will have to go grocery shopping pretty soon.

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Nice that you go a new larger tv for less money tenth sold one.