Sunday, October 06, 2019

A little catching up


Dee and her children came down to visit while we were at the Douglas Lake campground last Sunday.  So we planned a picnic at the area overlooking the lake.
This is a nice picnic area looking out at the lake and mountain tops.

The lake is low this time of year because they let out the water getting ready for the winter season.

Monday,  the 30 day of September it was time for Nancy and I to leave the campground and to our next stop along the way.  But first it was through Pigeon Forge where I thought we might be stuck in traffic.  It was not a hold up at al with every thing going good.
Now it was different once we got up to Gatlinburg where the traffic is always bumper to bumper.
So were the people on both sides on the sidewalks.

Nancy and myself like to drive through Gatlinburg to see the changes from season to season with how they decorate the town up.

They did October and the fall season up real nice this year.

Pumpkin head people all over the place. 
The least I could do for Nancy is to take a photo of her favorite store in Gatlinburg since we didn't get time to get her fudge.  It was nice for me that the traffic was slow going through I had time to look around at the things in town.

This is the sign we saw before we got the Sugarland Welcome Center.


Once we got started up the mountain Nancy had me to turn down the air-conditioner, because it was getting cooler.
We enjoyed the ride up in the mountains and looking at the "Chimney Tops".

We were soon off the mountain top, checked in at the office of Smokemont Campground and set up at our campsite.  It was late so we did nothing!

I think this is enough for now so I will finish up in a day or two.

I do thank each one of you for stopping by and have a great day.






Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

You passed through one of our favourite areas. Since this is officially Fall you might get a brilliant display of the foilage changing colours.
Be Safe and Enjoy your time in God's country.

It's about time.

Sherry Wood said...

Love the Pumpkin People!! But I love you and Momma more 😊