Monday, September 16, 2019

Cumberland Gap--two more days

This is our site here at the Cumberland Gap National Park Campground.  This is site B 3 which we try to get when we are here.
Yesterday we went to Middlesboro to have dinner at Pelancho's Mexican Bar and Grill.

The first thing was the chip's and dip.  As usual Nancy likes the cheese ip so it was two different kinds of dip we had.

Here is Nancy with her eyes closed, "no doubt thinking how good this is going to taste".  She had the beef burrito with the refried beans, Mexican rice and salad.

While I had the Chimichanga with the same sides.  Nancy ate all of hers and I ate only half of mine.  But that's ok that will be my lunch today.

Here is a butterfly enjoying the flowers that I have outside,  I bought this flower in a small pot at a Walmart several months ago.  According to the tag on the pot the flower has grown almost twice the size its suppose to.
So when I saw these sprouts growing from some of the seeds dropping off of the large flower I just had to replant them to see how they would do.

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1 comment:

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Like you said Nancy looks like she is imagining what dinner will taste like.
So you do have a green thumb after all.
Be Safe and Enjoy the change of seasons.

It's about time.