Sunday, August 11, 2019

Something else to work on

Still doing more of the usual things that a person would do around the house.

Nancy did a few loads of the laundry over at Jackie's.

I cut up some more old useless lumber and burned it in the burn container.

Here is a photo of Cave Run Lake in the Daniel Boone National Forester that is a short distance from Jackie's house. 
I crossed the bridge on my way to Morehead to pick up Nancy's prescription  from Rite-Aid Pharmacy.

Here is a photo of a quaint little valley with a homestead that I just love looking at along the road way.  I just looks so peaceful looking down the valley and the house that is there. 
Just imagine sitting out on the front porch after supper in a rocking chair looking out and seeing a deer out in the evening. Or maybe some of the other wild animals that are in the woods around here.

Tomorrow I will be busy changing my radiator fan on the car that has not been working for the passed few weeks.  I checked all the fuses and relays, so it must be the fan.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

It seems like after a while everything has to be fixed on a vehicle. Then it runs great for years to come and is cheaper then a newer vehicle. Besides it gives you something to do with a sense of satisfaction that you did it yourself.
Be Safe and Enjoy that Rocking Chair.

It's about time.