Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Heat wave gone

After a heat wave that saw the temps of 100* and the heat index higher.  It has cooled down, I mean really cooled down, like last night it got down to 55*.

The old motorhome decided that I didn't need to rest and had me some more things to repair.

First was to install a new sewer valve.  This is one thing I would have to do sooner or later, since it has been leaked for some time.  So I thought this would be the place with us having a sewer connection to clean the tank out good before taking the old valve off.

Well with that out of the way I guess it was time to rest a little?  Oh no my friend not so fast the Thetford Magic IV flush cable decided to break.  I ordered one from Amazon and when it came in I got started on putting it in. 
Now the instructions says to take the toilet loose and turn it upside down in order to in stall the new cable.  Not so, you can or I did it with out taking it loose.
I did have to use a mirror because the toilet being close to the wall there's not enough room to get my head in the see what I was doing.

So now its a waiting game to see what is going to be my next thing to repair. 

It does not bother me to repair thing's, I look at it as a challenge.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  



Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Old or New all RVs have their challenges but you are lucky enough to deal with them yourself. Be Safe and Enjoy a break between repairs.

It's about time.

our awesome travels said...

The cooler weather is a treat after all the heat and humidity, about the same weather that we have here.
When you have an RV there will always be something to repair and is so nice that we can't do a lot of these ourselves.