Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Skyline Drive again

We finally are out of the boonies and have all the connections that everyone has these days.
It was not really that bad since Nancy and I grew up without most of the things today that make a bunch of people happy and think they couldn't live without.

Ok first we went on the Skyline Drive after checking in at the ranger booth with Ranger Ken, who was also on duty when we did this last year in august.
Ranger Ken told us the bears are plentiful this year and that made Sherry happy to hear.

After pulling over at the first overlook so Sherry could get one of many photo's that she has.
Of course Mom Nancy had to be in many of these.

Our first campground was Loft Mountain which as all the other campgrounds on Skyline Drive just a spot in the woods without any hookups. There is a dump station and fresh water spigot, also you can take a shower with the cost of $1.75 for five minutes.

We noticed that at all the campground there were as many tent campers as were trailer campers.
There are really people that love to "rough it".

This was one of the sites along the drive.  Really out in the edge of the woods.

Here is a deer that came around to see us a couple of evenings that posed for Sherry to take a picture.

One of the 95 overlooks along the 105 mile Skyline Drive.

Well look here what we saw as we were about to bull out of one of the overlooks.
The momma has a time coaxing the little one that the stone fencing was not to high for it to jump over and join her to go across the road. But after a short time it did and momma seem to tell it see I told you could do it.

Many of the overlooks are so close together that you are looking at the same spots along the valley.
But plenty of opportunities for the photo buffs to take a photo with a different image in the foreground.

Same photo as above without the foreground effect.

One day Sherry decided she wanted to take a hike and see the Dark Hollow Falls.
Well seeing the sign 1.8 miles that's not very far "a piece of cake" yeah right, the only thing we took a wrong turn along the way no water fall.

But as many times when you take a wrong turn you get to see some interesting things along the way.

We did press on to see the falls.
Oh, along the way we met a man "Chang" and his wife coming up the mountain from the falls.
He said it was hard to climb the mountains at 67 and asked how old I was which I said 81 and as I always add two heart attacks.
Somehow he thought that was something and asked I would take a picture with him which his wife did so.

Sherry and I were much wore out for the rest of the day.

Nancy, Sherry and Myself enjoyed the six nights in the three different campgrounds in the Shenandoah National Forest and the Skyline Drive but, could not believe we did not see a bear this trip.

Last night we arrived in Charles Town, West Virginia and spent the night in the parking space of the Hollywood Casino with a couple of motor homes and truckers.

This a free parking lot for the overnighters and we did this last year also and no we did not go in the casino. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   



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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Looks like you Enjoyed your time exploring the Skyline Drive even if you didn't see any Bears.
Be Safe as you continue your journey.

It's about time.