Sunday, April 07, 2019

Goings on

I got very little completed on the floor project this week, so this next week I need to get with it.

I did get to Home Depot a couple of times for some supplies I needed including the carpet that will go on the engine cover.

Also went to the grocery store a few days, Walmart one time.

But the best part was we got to visit with a couple of our friends which was long past due.
The first was with Lee our friend whom we have not seen in over a year.
Lee came over one day, even after I told him the motor home was in a mess.  But you know a good friend is someone who can overlook the messed up place and just put that away while having a very good visit.  Thank you a lot for coming over Lee.

The second visit was Carolyn and Sam where we met at Steak and Shake  for a light meal.
Carolyn and Sam are our long time friends from back home in West Virginia.
While eating we carried on a conversation that extend out into the parking lot.  After a couple of hours we decided it was time to end it and be on our way home.

I did watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament, so tomorrow night will be the finals and that will be all of it until the college basketball starts back up later this year.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 


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Sherry Wood said...

Maybe I will be able to help you finish up a little bit when I get down there, Pop!! I love you 😘