Friday, September 21, 2018

Haircut and Repairs

Nancy needed to get her hair cut so Wednesday was the day for it.

We could not decide where we wanted to eat so we thought we would just drive through Pigeon Forge and when we saw a place that looked like it was calling us in that would be the place.

That place ended up being the 5 Oaks Farm house that was new in town. A very large restaurant with wooded tables and bench seats.  I don't know why this place called me to stop and come in because it is a little on the high price side.  Anyway we only had a bowl of "pinto beans and slaw".  The food was good and more that we could finish up but still over priced.  It may be that we have been in the forests too long and not in a tourist town. 

After our meal we where on our way for Nancy's haircut at Great Clips.
But first I had to stop by Ricky's R V Repair for the cable foot flush for our toilet that had broken.
Yeah, I don't think I told you about that one of the many things that has needed repaired this trip.

While Nancy was at Great Clips I took my new phone and the and the old phone to the "Cricket Store" to have the service put back on the old one that decided to work again. 
This was because I like the one year old phone better than the new one and I have a lot of apps on it.

Yesterday I took the toilet apart and installed the new cable and could not believe how much better it flushes.  It is easier to flush than when it was new.

This is our site at the Douglas Headwater Campground.

This is what we have to looked at each day from our motor home.
Nancy sure likes the campground by the lake.

We have no plans for the day so I'm sure something will come up.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.




our awesome travels said...

The hair cut was nice for Nancy and the toilet repair even better, nice easy fix.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

It is hard getting used to the "New" restaurants whose prices are out of our range but once isn't too bad.
Glad Nancy is feeling refreshed and you have the Flusher working the way it should have from the start.
That is such a hard view to enjoy from your Site.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.