Monday, June 25, 2018

Historic Matewan, West Virginia

We arrived in Historic Matewan Wednesday evening to visit our son Joe and his wife Mishell.
We stayed Wednesday and Thursday night visiting with them.

We parked in town against the flood wall where they have electric connections for rv's.

This is the land of the famous feuding Hatfield and McCoy family's.

And here in Historic Matewan is where they battle back and forth across the river.

Late Wednesday evening as we sat and looked out the front window we saw an ambulance and fire truck with red lights flashing that came to the grassy spot just down from where we were.
Joe and I went down to see what was going on? They were waiting for the Med-Vac Copter to arrive.

Here it is about to touch down.
They were coming in for a lady that we have known since she was a small child.
She was just released from the hospital the day before, after having heart surgery and now she had a stroke after just hours of being released.

By the time medics got her ready for take off it was nearing dark of the night.

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our awesome travels said...

It was nice to spend some time with your son and his wife, while you can.