Thursday, June 28, 2018

Enough rain already

Friday, after getting ready to leave and before hooking the car to the motorhome we went to the Depot to visit Joe one more time.
Then hooking the car tom the motor home we were ready to leave.

After a three and a half hours we were arriving at Jackie's house.
This is another of our stops in visiting Nancy's sisters.  Nancy went in with Jackie while I got everything ready before I needed her.  This is one of the places where I pull upon the ramps to be level because where we park it is not level and I need Nancy to watch that I will not over shoot the ramps.  After that she goes back with visiting her sister.

Just as we were in Matewan our ATT and Verizon Hotspots do no get a signal. 
But here we can get a signal and use Jackie's wifi that she has in her house since we are parked so close.

We are still having rain, I should say rain and thunder storms that seem to be following us since we left Florida. But we do have the nice and sunny breaks in between.
So far like every stop along the way I'm still repairing things and this stop is no exception.  I have put in a new kitchen faucet that has been leaking water for a while.  I thought I could just install a rubber gasket, but it was leaking in the housing.  So it was off to Lowes for the new one. Also a new cap for the grey water vent pipe.  Somewhere along the way a tree limb must have knocked off the one that was on it.

Today it will be a trip to Walmart and Kroger to drive Nancy and Jackie  so they can do their shopping.
Maybe we will be lucky enough that it will not rain.

Thank for stopping by and have a great day.

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Sherry Wood said...

I miss you both!!