Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tell me it isn't so.

Well after what I thought was to be my last session of therapy Tuesday came to a halt when the Therapist said I had four more sessions.  One thing I know is this will not be going past the end of April because that's when we are leaving for the summer.

I decided I would get serious about repairing the on board Onan Generator. Upon talking with a couple of Mobile RV Service people they thought the trouble was the carburetor. I thought it might be the same thing but with the carburetor costing me $337.00 I was wanting the opinion of someone that has worked on these more than I have.  But I still will not be sure that it will work.
I had a local parts place order me one from the Onan Cummins Parts place in Tampa Monday with the guy telling me it should me in two-three days.  I thought it would be in yesterday but no it was not. So this morning the place that I had to order the carburetor from said he called Onan and they had lost the order.  So it has been reordered, I know it was ordered Monday because I heard the guy put the order in while I was there.
I'm sure maybe you have run into this a time or two yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Good luck with more therapy and the repair on your Onan.