Friday, March 30, 2018

Fresh oil and sore thumb

With the new carburetor taking its time getting in at the parts store I decided I would do what I could to speed up the work once I have it.
So I had to go and get a new oil filter and while I was out I would get some more things we needed.

My first stop was to the roadside market to pick some apples, lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes which are more fresh and better price than what the super markets sell.
From there it was to Dollar Tree for chicken broth, and quarts of milk that you don't have to put in the refrigerator until after it is opened and has a shelf life of a year.

I then stopped at a couple of auto parts places before I found the oil filter for the generator.

After getting home putting away the groceries it was time for supper then after letting my supper digest it was time for the generator.
That's when a little trouble started.  I drained the oil next was to take the filter off which is usually no problem.  I put the cheap oil filter wrench on the filter and it just turned around on the filter.
Then  I took my channel lock pliers and still the filter would not move.
I finally had to get a punch and hammer that with hitting my thumb a couple of times it came loose.
Now with the fresh oil and filter I'm ready when the new carburetor gets here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Ouch not fun hitting you thumb , but you did get the job done. I found a filter wrench that works perfect for my on board Onan, good luck with the carberator.