Monday, December 04, 2017

Weekend again

Saturday was as usual  as the Saturdays go this time of year.

But this day I got my "Big Saturday Breakfast" which I haven't had in a couple of Saturdays.  This was because I was busy with the residential refrigerator installation and a few other projects.
The two fried eggs that after cutting up and mixed with the onions and colored mini peppers sure taste good.  Along with bacon, hash brown potatoes, biscuit and a cup of coffee start the day of good.

As I was going to the store this bus was pulling into the Show Palace Dinner Theater.
Besides the schedule of shows they have, they also have company seminars.

After getting back from the store I settled in for the good college football and basketball games.
Some of the football games again  did not go the way the were supposed to go.
Yesterday I was going to get online with the Mobley Hot spot but first thinking if I would disconnect it and plug it back in I would get a better signal.  I have done this before and it has worked. The Mobley gets the power from the OBD connection of the motorhome. Only this time the power light just flashed on and off.  So I checked my batteries and found the chassis battery was not charging.
After cleaning all the terminal connections, tightening all back together everything was working as it should.
After a few more small everyday chores and checking of things it was time to relax.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.


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