Saturday, November 04, 2017

Around the old house

I finally got around to doing much needed getting the clothes down to the laundromat.
I only take a load to do at a time because the laundromat here at the park is so close to our site that I take a load then while a load is in the washer for 1/2 hour I can walk back home to do a small thing that needs my attention.
After the 1/2 hour is up I go back down take the clothes out of the washer and throw them in the dryer for an hour then walk back home to do the small stuff.
I did two loads of clothes this way Thursday and Nancy asked why I didn't take all the laundry down and do it all the same time.  I told her it was much easier for me todo it this way.

The nice large heated pool that we have in the park all cleaned and ready for they day.

Also the shuffle board court is ready and waiting for the players.

Thursday I did another load of clothes at the laundromat and that will do it for another week or so.

Then I drove out to the roadside market to see what they had.  I ended up buying locally grown tomatoes at $.99 a pound, bananas  $.29 a pound, apples $1.39 a pound, and last white seedless grapes $1.59 a pound.  That should hold us for a while then when needed I will go back for more fresh produce.

Well yesterday I was really disappointed in that I could not wait to go out to the USA Flea Market as I have been doing the last seventeen years we have been coming here to only have been told that it was closed.  And not only closed but it has been torn down, gone, zilch man what a bummer it was like being told an old friend was no longer around.
So I just drove around the area to see what had changed in the way of new building being erected.

I bought Nancy and myself a Hot and Ready Pizza from Little Caesar's for our supper which tasted good.

Today is my day for watching College Football Games and I think I will have hot dogs to go with the games.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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Sherry Wood said...

Oh no! No more flea market?? I loved going there.