Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Warner Robins, Georgia

Monday I went down to the Ranger Station which is 20 miles from the campground.
The reason was that when we arrived Friday evening after setting all up I went up to the self service pay booth and paid for our 4 nights stay.

When the camp host came around Saturday I was talking with him and he informed me that they were not charging to came at the time because some of the National forest Parks are doing this to help out the people that had been displaced by Hurricane Irma with free camping.
He said I was not the only person that did not notice the sign hanging on the board.
He said to go up to the Ranger Station to asked for a refund.  So I went up Monday and gave my name and maybe they will refund the $42.50 that I paid.

I later looked on the board for the notice and sure enough it was there but it was one of those posted notices that you would not see unless you knew it was there and was looking for it.

On the way back home the overcast skies turned loose a very hard rain that made it hard to drive.

We left Lake Sinclair yesterday on our way to Warner Robins, Georgia for a visit with my brother Nick and his wife Joann.

The drive was a short drive with us going through a few small towns where the railroad tracks going down the middle of town.
The photo above is the old freight station.

There were long stretches of straight road that are up and down like this up part.

And when you go up you got to come down and get ready to go up again.
We travel a lot of these roads before the interstate roadways and I still enjoy traveling them.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.