Thursday, September 14, 2017

New look at Campground

It has been rain every day and into the night since Monday although there have been a few breaks in the day time.
There is a lot of construction going on at the Douglas Lake Headwaters Campground since Recreation Resource Management has a lease on the campgrounds.
Of course with what they are doing comes with a price increase which most of the people sure don't think too much of.
Personally I liked the old look it had instead of the private look it is becoming. 
This is some people enjoying a day of horse back riding that Nancy and I saw when we were going out to do some shopping yesterday.
We had to get a few thing for when we stay at the Smokemont Campground on the Cherokee side of the mountain.  It is no doubt cheaper in price here rather than the other side in Cherokee.

We also ate at a Mexican Restaurant while we were in town and at the price of buy one get the other on half price was a good deal. 
Here is the Steak Fajita that I had while Nancy had the Chicken Fajita. 
Both meals were very good and filling with a lot of meat in both meals.  


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