Monday, August 21, 2017

Good Food

I saw this small deer in the park the other day as I came around a curve in the park.
The little thing was still discovering its surroundings under the careful eye of its mother.
There are wild flowers scattered about the park that makes the scenery more beautiful.
Saturday I finally got around to grilling us the Ribeye Steak we have had in the refrigerator for way to long.
As I was grilling the steaks a guy named John from a few sites over brought these home grown tomatoes and said he thought I would like them to go with the grilled meat.
He was right we do like the home grown tomatoes better than the store tomatoes.
I even had tomato with my breakfast yesterday morning. That with the ham, peppers, onions and eggs all scrambled together sure tasted mighty good. Plus a biscuit, jelly and coffee sure started my day off good.
Then yesterday afternoon it was off to Middlesboro.
Through the tunnel to get us a pizza.
I bet Daniel Boone would have like the tunnel to go through instead of climbing over the high mountain.

How about you are you as excited over the solar eclipse as everyone else seems to be,
I remember a few years back when we had solar eclipse I used a welders lens to look at it.
If you miss this one there will be another in 2024 I don't know if it will be as spectacular as this one or not.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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