Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Country Roads

Jackie and I have been busy for the last day and a half.  Her porch had gotten a little weather beaten so we put a coat of sealer on it. So now it has a nice new shine to it.

Yesterday I was wanting hot dogs for supper  so I had to run down to the small gas station which has a small amount of groceries for a pack of hot dog buns. I had everything else.
A repair shop across the road from the store.
I enjoy driving along this two lane country road as I do all the two lane roads.
Here's a yard with five apple trees.  Maybe some of these apples will be  fried and that with biscuits in the morning will taste mighty good. Or another tasty treat would be fried apple pies Ummm.
Here is a pleasant scene of cattle on the hillside.

If you have time two lane roads are good to travel at a very slow pace and take time to stop along the way you will be surprised at what you may find in one of the small towns you travel through.

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