Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cave Run Lake

Monday after a slow getting ready disconnecting the water, electric and sewer lines next was hooking up the car to the motor home.
I went inside were Nancy was with Peach and Don I said my goodbyes and off we went with the time being 1:10 pm.
Our first stop was the Barboursville Mall there is also a Walmart located here which is the reason for the stop to get a few groceries and other things.  After putting away the things I bought we were on our way again.
Soon we were crossing the bridge crossing the Big Sandy river the divides West Virginia and Kentucky.
This is where the Marathon Refinery is located as you can tell by looking at the large tanks beside of I-64.
We had one more stop before traveling on and that was Flying J to buy some gas at $2.16 a gallon with the Advantage Rewards Card.
I bought just enough gas to get me to where the gas will be a cheaper price.  I always check with Gasbuddy along our route for the best price even a few pennies makes a difference when you are buying 50 to 60 gallons of fuel.
While we were there we had a bite to eat before traveling along.
We passed by the Carter Caves exit.  We took the tour through the small caves when our children were young and we all enjoyed it. Like most caves the temperatures inside are much cooler than the outside temps.
After pulling off the interstate exit 137 in the town of Morehead we were on the road to Jackie's house.
But first we had to cross the bridge over Cave Run Lake then a mile farther we pull off the main highway to Jackie's.
Next was to take the car loose from the motorhome to park it, then back the motorhome up a small incline where it will be for a few weeks for our extended visit.
As I was traveling to get here I was thinking about parking the motorhome a little different this time so maybe I would not have to raise it so high to get it level.  What do you know that little thinking while I we traveling down the road paid off!
It didn't take me as long to set up this time and the leveling was much easier.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you had a Safe trip and figured out an easier way to level the Motorhome.
Be Safe and Enjoy your visit.

It's about time.