Friday, April 14, 2017


Yesterday was a day to the park laundromat.  Nancy said that if I would wait until she got ready she would help me with the laundry.  I told her by the time she got ready I could be finished with it, so I did.
After I had a small lunch I was out the door and on the way to the Roadside Market.
I bought some tomatoes, bananas, small cucumbers and one of the largest green peppers I have ever seen. All of the items with the exception of the bananas are grown local here in Florida and are much cheaper and fresher than in the chain super markets.
From there it was to Save A Lot for the ingredients to make spaghetti. In my opinion Nancy makes the best spaghetti I have ever eaten and that is a lot of spaghetti and a mighty lot of years.
She uses a lot of meat and a lot of spices which end up with a lot of spaghetti that lasts me for a few days and I always gain weight because I eat too much of it.

I keep getting behind on my work and it may be due to Nancy keeps adding to the list.
We do have several things that we want to do before we take off for the summer.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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