Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Lift off on hold

Like so many times this season it looks like I will be raising the patio awning to close it.  The weather people are telling us to expect rain storms with windy conditions.
It is the same storm that is coming trough the mid-west with the tornadoes.  They are saying it will not be that bad for us and will move through quickly.

Nancy had her eyes checked yesterday and they told her everything looked good and to come back in a month.  They did tell her to get some artificial tears because she has dry eyes and that is the reason her eyes have been bothering her.
So we can say once again "lift off on hold".

So with that news we will once again be putting off our summer travels for another month.
I have been trying to put together our travel plans and have changed them several times already so I think I will just wait until things are more definite.  It is not a problem we have be this way many times before being full timers since 2000 you just go with the flow.

The important thing for now is to make sure Nancy's eyes are doing good when we leave for our journey.

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