Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Good eating

I hope you had a very good Easter and a happy one.
Nancy and I stayed home to enjoy a nice quite meal alone.  We both were busy doing the peeling and mixing of different things for our meal and didn't take time for lunch because we knew we would be stuffing ourselves at supper time.
After about three hours in the oven the ham with just a little honey on it came out of the oven ready to be carved.  This was the only small ham that Winn Dixie had and it was enough to feed six people so we will have a lot leftover.
So with the ham was candied sweet potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs and a hot roll we enjoyed our meal and for sure we did stuff ourselves enough the we didn't eat anything the rest of the evening.
The ham was cooked to perfection as was everything else.  That Nancy of mine can really cook.

Yesterday I did a little painting on the inside of my bay doors, with the motorhome being fifteen years old its beginning to look a little old and needs to be shaped up a little.
We also have a carpet cleaning crew coming out tomorrow to clean the carpets and do the upholstery.

Since we have to stay longer than we had planned on because of Nancy's eyes we have a few more things we are going to do concerning the motorhome.

I guess you have heard about all the fires in Florida.  They have these signs out on the highway to keep us award of the fog and smoke but most of the people driving still do not slow down.

Nancy and I will be clearing the carpet as much as we can today so the cleaners can get to cleaning the carpets as soon as they get here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  


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