Friday, February 24, 2017


It is that time of year when full timers are making plans for their summer travels.
I've be reading several blogs where some have the whole summer planned out with reservations at different campgrounds for a certain amount of days.

In all of our time on the road since 2000 we have never made the travel reservation plans.
I do make reservations Labor Day Weekend for our Family Reunion and reservations in Florida for the winter months and that is about all of it.

We just "fly by the seat of our pants" if you will. 
We start out North and go from there, the road could go East or West from the point but North is the general direction. 
People asked us how can we travel that way that they have to make reservations in advance so they know they will have a place to stay when the get there.
Well if you don't know which way you are going how can you make a reservation?
I don't mean we don't make short plans we do that but as far as making months ahead of time no.
I have found out its more exciting that way.  Once we get to places we never know how long we will stay before we are on the road again.
As I read different blogs I may see some place a couple are visiting and say to myself that looks interesting why don't we check that out.

What do you do if you stop to stay in a campground and they are full?  I'm glad you asked that!
You know you have wheels on your house and they are made to travel, we look for an overnight place long before it gets dark so we will have time to find a place for the night.
There's always a Walmart, a restaurant parking lot or a number of places to spend the night. 

What about you do you worry about reservation?

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Until this last winter Kathy had to know where we would be staying every night. A Six week trip in 08 she knew where we would be every night. No room for a breakdown. Snowbirding in Florida in parks one month at a time before moving to another and things do happen.
This trip she only booked a park for December because I was working on the Solar.
Now we've stayed in the Desert she doesn't care if we ever stay in a park again as a fact she's not sure how she's going to feel when we get Home to McGregor.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

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