Sunday, January 15, 2017

Off to St. Pete Airport

             This day was the day son Joe is the day he is going back to West Virginia to Sherry and Mark's house.  From there he will be going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to get back to work.
Nancy and I think Joe fell in love with the winter time weather here in Florida.

I took Joe to the St. Pete Airport to catch is plane then it was time for me to head back home but first I had to make a few stops.
First stop was Quality Sausage House to get some special meats that I can't buy anywhere else.  Then it was to Dollar Tree and Winn Dixie which were in within walking distance of each other.

One of the things that I buy in the Dollar Tree is quart size carton of milk. The refrigerator is small and the milk in the carton does not need refrigerated until its open and  has an  expiration date of nearly one year from the time you buy it. So you can buy as many as you want, put one in the frig and the others on a shelf. 

Back in the car and on up the road the next stop was Save a Lot for a few items.

Of course yesterday was my College Basketball day.  I did get some necessary things that needed taken care of.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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