Monday, January 16, 2017

Couple of small projects.

I had not planned to do anything yesterday but upon getting outside and looking things over I found a couple of things.
The short hose to the water filter was leaking I thought that adding a new rubber washer would fix the problem, "not so" it didn't cure the problem.
So I was off to Walmart to see if I could get a new end for the water hose. I looked at the price of the new end then the price of a new ten foot water hose.  The new end was half the price of the new hose so I bought a new hose since the hose I was going to repair was several years old. 

Getting back home I put in a new filter with the water being off while I put the new hose on which did cure that problem
On to the other small project that was to install new batteries in the clock and also new batteries in the remote temperature sensor that we have that also shows the temperature on the clock.
When it came to supper time we put together things that were  the refrigerator.
But first Nancy put together a carton of Chicken Broth, a can of vegetables and some noodles added in that made for a very tasty and warm beginning to the meal. 
There was a bag of salad mix and a couple of chicken tenders so that made a very delicious
Chicken Salad. That with a baked potato was a good combination.
We really ate way to much. Sometimes when you do not plan a meal and just throw together things it will surprise how tasty of a meal you come up with.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.      

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