Friday, December 09, 2016

Laundry and Cooking

Yesterday morning after having our breakfast and checking our email and other computer things we slowly got ready to face the day.
We had to do the laundry so that always take up some of our time.  Nancy trust me doing some of the laundry but when it comes to her things like her tops she takes them out of the dryer before they get dried.  She says if she lets them dry completely in the dryer they will shrink.
After doing the laundry I told Nancy I would prepare our supper. I was going to have wiener size Smoked Polish Sausage on a bum and maybe kraut on top of that but Nancy said she didn't think she would like it.  No problem I would have to think of something else but it would have to be with the  Polish Sausage since I had my taste buds ready for it.
I went to store and bought some linguine.
While the linguine was boiling I cut the Polish Sausage fried it then fried onions and colored sweet mini peppers in Canola oil when that was ready I mixed in Teriyaki sauce to boil.  I then mixed that in with the sausage and linguine a little salt and black pepper.  The way Nancy went into it I could tell she liked it and I agreed with her that it tasted really good and I would have to fix it again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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