Monday, November 14, 2016

Dupree Gardens

Nancy and I took a short drive out Friday to check out some free campgrounds that I has seen on a internet site.  On the way I noticed a roadside sign and I stopped to check it out.
It was a place where an old Florida attraction used to be in the early 1940's.  You can read about it from the photo I took.
This is all that remains of the gate house.
This says Dupree Lakes.
The lake looked small to have had glass bottom boats on it.  Perhaps the lake was filled in some what when they decided to build housing on the land.
Saturday started out good in that Nancy prepared country ham and biscuits with my eggs for breakfast. I mixed an orange mine sweet pepper for taste and the color to the eggs and also some diced onion, that with tomato made for a good tasting breakfast.
Of course later afternoon I watched a couple of college football games and boy were they a few upsets.
Yesterday I got the old grill out to grill us a couple of T-Bone steaks. I don't usually buy this type of steak but Winn Dixie had a two  day special price of $4.99 a pound with their card so with it being the same price as the ground beef I took the steak. The steaks were thick and 2.63 pounds for the two so it was good tasting and more that enough to satisfy us.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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