Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Smoky Mountains

The week end was nice and relaxing for us.
Yesterday was a different day but good because we drove to the top of The Smoky Mountains.
Going to the mountains you go through Gatlinburg and they always decorated the town according to what the season is. 
Gatlinburg looked nice as it usually does.
As soon as you are out of Gatlinburg you enter The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  
The picket fence as you approach the visitor center.
We like to stop at what use to be the Chimney's Campground but they had to close the campground and now it is a picnic area.
The sites looked like they were for tents or small rv's

Due to the lack of rain the mountain stream was small but enough water was flowing that it had a nice gurgling sound, very soothing and peaceful.
After enjoying the mountain stream in the picnic area we venture on up the road toward the top.
First we had a couple of small tunnels to go through. Nancy and I got a jolt as we were in the tunnel.  Someone just entering the other side decided they needed to blow the car horn.
Still not to the top with out pulling over at one of the overview sites.
Finally on the top where the North Carolina, Tennessee line is located.
The view we came up for with what looked like 75 other vehicles park in their spots to take many photos of the mountain tops.
Soon we were on our way back down the mountain and to Gatlinburg to meet up with our son Joe to have supper.
It was a very nice day for us and we had to say that we need to get out more.

 If you haven't been the The Smoky Mountains you owe it to yourself to have a visit with the other millions of visitors each year.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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