Monday, September 05, 2016

Pizza Deal

Yesterday the day was again the same chores as everyday and yes too many people that look at full timers. Those what people that live full time in their recreational vehicle are called.
A lot of people think that you spend all your time just traveling and having fun with nothing else to do.  But let me tell you we do have our chores that we have to do and most of what you people that live in a stick and brick house do.  The only difference is that we live in a house that has wheels and we move from time to time. This type of life style is not for everyone but we and thousands of other full timers love it.
The road going down the right side of the campground. There are six roads to the left that have campsites on them.  Row B & C with electric and the other four rows are primitive.
Each site has a fire grill and a table some of the sites are tent only.

Getting back to yesterday Nancy and I decided on getting a pizza.  I told Nancy I would look on line and see what deals Pizza Hut had.  The deal that we like was any two or more for $5.00 each.  The choices we took was one topping medium pizza, one chicken alfredo pasta and an order of bread sticks with one free one and the total with tax was $15.90.  We had enough left over for today.
After eating we settled in and watched a couple of movies on the tv.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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