Monday, September 12, 2016

Leaving today

Yesterday was another day with the great grand kids.  As soon as Nancy woke up they were wanting breakfast and I mean they wanted something to eat.
Anyway Hunter did now get this he is 12 years old and not a heavy kid by any means.  Nancy asked him what he wanted to eat?  He says I want 5 scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.  Nancy said are you sure and he said yes.  She says I will fix it for you but you had better eat all that and no problem he finished all that.  That by is not going to stay that small for long.  Jazz and Cami just had one egg and a couple of toast each.
With breakfast out of the way and being on our computers Nancy and I did our daily chores then got ready to go over to Dee's house after she got off work.  On our way over we went to Wendy's where we had hamburger's, chicken sandwiches and fries.
We had a nice but too short of a visit then it was time to come home.
We have enjoyed our time with Dee and the children but now it is time again to move down the road.
Our time here at Panther Creek State Park nice but again was too short to visit with the time with family?   So today will be moving day.  We will try to see if we can get a site at the Douglas Lake Headwaters campground.  We have been very lucky in getting sites in the places we wanted to visit without a reservation.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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