Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Laundromat day

Yesterday after our breakfast them both Nancy and I doing our morning computer reading it was time for her to get ready and me to do my few chores that I do each morning.
So I emptied the grey water out of the six gallon jug I use and got the gallon jugs full of fresh water to put in the big tank of the motorhome.
I usually take a shower in the comfort station that the park has while Nancy finishes up getting ready.
We then rounded up the things that we had to take to the Laundromat.  After getting to the Laundromat putting the laundry in the washers I notice the overhead fans where not on.
I looked for a switch to turn the fans on but could not find one so I walked over next door to the store and asked the young lady about the fans being turned on and she said she didn't know anything about them and the lady that takes care of the Laundromat would not be in until Saturday.
The doors to the Laundromat were wide open but it was still a little too warm inside.
By the time we had the laundry all finished it was time to eat and we chose to go to the Waffle King.
We like to go here because the food is good and at a fair price.  It is some what like a Waffle House but the food is not so greasy.
Nancy was tired but she still wanted to go to Roses to buy some new small rugs to put through out the motorhome as the ones we have where beginning to look worn and of course we bought a few other things.
After getting back home we unloaded the car put all the stuff away and fell into our chairs.  Yeah folks it doesn't take too much to wear old people out.

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