Sunday, September 18, 2016

Enjoying the view

The college football games yesterday were good and as usual the refs missed some of the calls but with about four officials trying to watch 22 players it is hard to see everything.
Our site here at the Douglas Lake Headwaters Campground.  I did get a chance to check where the antifreeze was leaking on the motorhome and it is at the bottom hose coming out of the radiator overflow tank. It looks as though the hose has a hole in it where the hose clamp is tighten on it, I will check more on it today or later.
Driving around the campground I counted 21 empty sites and they used to be full on the week ends.
The Tennessee Valley Authority leased it out to RMM.  RMM increased the site rental  from $18.00 to $25.00 for a night so this might be the reason.
One of the sunsets we had a couple of evenings ago.
This part of Tennessee has been in a drought as you can tell by how low the lake is.
Another shot of the lake with the Great Smokie Mountains in the background.
The forecast for the day calls for some rain and they sure need all they can get.
We will stick around the campground again today because the main roads around will be extra crowded with all the tourist o their way home.

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