Monday, August 08, 2016

Leaving tomorrow

Yesterday after getting ready we went to Vicki's house, she had invited us over for dinner.
Vicki had made chicken and broccoli alfredo with a salad.  It tasted really good. After our meal we just sat around and talked with Vicki and Rebekah who had come in a short time after we arrived.
After a couple of hour Vicki served us a slice of Key Lime pie with a cup of coffee which was a nice addition to the meal we just had.  After the pie and some more conversation it was time for us to come home.  It was a very nice day with Vicki and Rebekah.
                                         Back at the campground.
Saturday when we parked at our site in the park we had neighbors all around us but most of them left yesterday.  There may have been a horse show going on at the Horse Park that was over after Saturday.
Today is our last day here in Lexington and our last day for visiting with Vicki for the time around.
We will be going back over to Vicki's house this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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