Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Full day

Yesterday Nancy and I got ready and went over to visit earlier  with Vicki and Rebekah. 
after we ate more than enough pizza for ourselves we sat down for more family conversations.
Then Vicki was wanting to show us the Restore where the habitat for Families has a store of things they have taken out of houses they are fixing up for people.
After looking around for an hour or so we came back to Vicki's house.
We drove through Lexington to see how nice they have the streets lined with small scrubs and flowers.
There are a few taller buildings.
Looking at the reflection of this building it looks like a building within a building.
By the looks of this crane there is a new building going up.
A mural of Old Abe keeping a watch over down town Lexington.
With this in the heart of horse country you know they would have statues of horses with jockey's riding them.
Also the Red Mile horse racing track.
After returning to Vicki's house we all had a nice portion of Jackie's butterscotch delight dessert.
After eating the dessert we were off to visit Rachel and her husband Corey.  We stayed a short time because Nancy and I were tired with the full day we had.  We did enjoy all that we did yesterday and most of all being with the family.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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