Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Rain again

It just keeps on raining every day that we have been here at Jackie's place and more of the same  in is in forecast for today.
I had to go in town to do some shopping yesterday. My first stop was Tractor Supply to fill the 20# tank. I could have exchanged it at the many places that have the tanks but by having it filled for $7.10 vs $19.95 is a no brainer.  Next stop was Lowes where I was looking for a quart of kool Seal paint but they only had it in the gallon size which is way more than I need.  From there it was to the Kroger for some groceries.
Jackie made me some of her chicken and dumplin's yesterday so I pigged out on that ummmm good.
Nancy had a bad day yesterday so she took it easy and rested.
Today I will have to check out the water heater because turning on the propane it fail to light.
I put on the full tank and have propane at the stove but no the water heater. There is no clicking sound so I will first check the switches to see why they are not working and go from there.
If you have an rv you may as well get use to things not working because its not unusual that you are checking and working on something.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

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