Saturday, June 18, 2016

Culloden, West Virginia

A couple of weeks when we were in Virginia on I-77 going north to West Virginia we came upon this sign right before we got to the tunnel.  The reason they were escorting a truck with fuel through he tunnel.
After it was clear to go they let all the traffic go.
A short distance after getting through the tunnel we were in West Virginia.
Yesterday we left Oak Hill around 11:00 and drove the 92 miles to Culloden on I-64 in a couple of hours.  After getting to Peach and Don's I unhooked the car and backed the motorhome into the drive way. After leveling up I connected the electric, water and sewer lines.
After visiting with Peach and Don we came back to the motorhome to finish up setting the things into place for the time we are here.

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