Friday, May 27, 2016

Like old times---Almost

Took this photo the other day while walking in the park. These large bushes are over the campground and look nice when the are blooming.
We had our breakfast yesterday morning Nancy had the biscuit with egg, bacon mayo and lettuce and I had biscuit with egg, sausage mayo and lettuce. We then relaxed with another cup of coffee while doing our usual morning talking. We then were on our computers checking on our different blogs we follow.
When it came supper time I grilled us a couple of center cut boneless pork chops while Nancy was busy with the mixed vegetables and baked potatoes, a very good meal. 
After cleaning up the kitchen I told Nancy that the motorhome had warmed up so much from the cooking and the sun bearing down on it that we should get in the car and take a short ride.
The air-conditioning in the car felt very nice and cool.
We stopped at the new park that is along the intercostal waterway to watch the boat traffic. There was a very nice cool breeze coming off the water.
I told Nancy this was like old times going back 60 years when we were first married and lived in Detroit, Michigan.  Our small apartment didn't have air-conditioning and we used to sit on a bench and watch the large boats and barges navigate up the river.
Small boats and large boats use the ICW.
Here goes a yellow tow boat to the rescue.  With the tide going out someone may be grounded and need a good pull from this boat.
It was good to just relax in one of the 6 swings in the park. Nancy loves a swing we have had swings on our porches in every house the we owned.
The motorhome had cooled down by the time we arrived back home. We can only run one air-conditioner since we have 30 amp throughout the campground.
It was another nice day indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



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