Monday, April 11, 2016

Is it spring?

Yeah, is it really spring?  With the last two mornings of the temp being in the high 30's you would not think it is spring time. But wait----
There's blossoms on the apple tree.
Roses are in full bloom. Nick's yard looks like spring. So whatever the temp is I guess it is really spring time. The temp here in Warner Robins is suppose to get up to 80 today so maybe it will feel more like spring.
Do you remember when you were young how you would look at the clouds and see different things that you thought the clouds were shaped like?  Well the other day Nick went to the carwash to clean the car and I sat inside. While looking out the windshield I happened to see the soap suds forming shapes like when we use to see the clouds doing it. I thought the above photo looked like a bear laying down with its feet sticking up.
This one like a duck or goose with the head on the right and its tail in the air on the left side. Oh the things that old people can do to amuse ourselves with.  But we do have imagination don't we?
We will be leaving out today and see if we can find a site open at the Sinclair Lake Forest Campground.
Our time here with Nick and Joan has been very enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   

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