Sunday, February 21, 2016

The day Saturday

By Friday evening Nancy and I could feel the work that we had done. She was feeling it because she is hardly able to do anything with her bad back and the failing kidneys and I because I haven't did anything since my heart attack and we had Sherry here doing the things that needed attending to.
I'm just about to the point where the doctors say I can start to do the normal things. To me the normal things are anything I want to do but Nancy keeps telling me to take it easy. How do you do that when things need to be taken care of?
After breakfast yesterday morning I got out to the store and on the way there was a large sale at one of the churches so I stopped to look around. It was mostly clothes and household things so I didn't buy anything.
After getting back I had a short time before my day started where as every Saturday is college basketball for me.
We did take time from what we were doing to enjoy the pinto beans and cornbread that Nancy had and the cole slaw that I made.
Then it was back to the basketball games for me and the computer for Nancy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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