Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sunken Gardens

Yesterday it occurred to me that Nancy nor Sherry has been to the Famous Sunken Gardens so that was where we off to.
Even though this is not the time of year where they have the most flowers there where more than enough to enjoy.
With the flowers and colorful leaves and greenery made for a nice walk.
Trees of all sizes and shape.
Here is a bottle palm from another country. They have trees and plants all in the gardens from different countries.
Oh yes every attraction here in Florida have the colorful birds and the Florida Flamingo.
The waterfalls are nice to look at and listen to.
While they have several bridges you walk across this one is a miniature bridge.
As usual anytime an attraction that has a pool of water there are  coins in it that people making a wish and throwing their coins in. Do you think that when you throw a quarter in your wish is more likely to come true than when you toss in a penny.
Nancy and Sherry had a very good time in the gardens which I thought they would.
Sherry will be going back home Friday morning from the St Pete Airport. She has an early flight out and we will have to wake up early to get her there.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



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